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T Rex Dinosaur in School

On Wednesday, Rex was invited to attend St Margaret's Primary School in Heywood. The entire school are studying dinosaurs as part of their curriculum so the Head thought it would be a great way to inspire the pupils and encourage their work. 

That morning's Assembly was interrupted when our Safari Ranger burst through the doors shouting, "Help! My animal has got loose! Could you help me find him? He's called Rex and he's my pet Dinosaur!!" 

The children looked bewildered! They were encouraged to shout "REX!!" at the top of their voices and suddenly our T Rex Dinosaur came ROOOARING loudly through the double-doors! 

Well the children started screaming with excitement, the teachers were blowing their whistles... it was an hilarious sight to behold! The children loved it and were soon shouting out the names of the teachers they wanted the dinosaur to eat!! 

After everyone had calmed down, the Dinosaur visited classrooms, raced with the children in the sports hall, went outside in the playground and posed for photographs!  

The Head was delighted with the results of the dinosaur's visit in school. The effect he had was incredible! The children were inspired to learn more about dinosaurs and couldn't wait to continue their studies! A Dinosaur workshop is now being planned!

Who could have imagined a Dinosaur coming in to school! Hire a T Rex Dinosaur as part of the school syllabus for learning about these magnificent prehistoric beasts!



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