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Learning through fun! Invite a dinosaur into your school!

Our aim is to encourage discovery, inspire creative writing and create awareness of prehistoric life for both young and old people by making learning fun and entertaining! Dinosaurs were magnificent beasts and adults and children alike are fascinated by these prehistoric creatures.


Through our realistic, funny and entertaining animatronic dinosaur we are able to bring to life the history of dinosaurs! Imagine the impact you can create by delivering the most realistic lesson possible.


As our obliging T-rex poses for you, you can explain how they behaved when they ruled the world, how they evolved and the events that would ultimately lead to their decline.


Watch as your pupils' interest grows and they come to appreciate the prehistoric history and its lessons for our planet's future!

Hire a dinosaur and add even more fun to your educational event, school syllabus or dinosaur workshop day, by giving your pupils time to get to know their subject better, with the chance to get up close and stare a dinosaur directly in the eye. Children are encouraged to interact with the Dinosaurs and they will be fascinated and engaged throughout the experience. 


Our Dinosaur puppeteers are creative and talented; they will delight everyone with the Dinosaur's movements and actions. Their eyes blink, heads moves, tails swish - it truly needs to be seen to be believed, and their roars will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


Our Dinosaurs come with their own personal keeper, a qualified Dinosaur Ranger, who will make sure the Dinos remain on their best behavior, or their worst, depending on your requirements.


As more schools are including the study of Dinosaurs as part of their curriculum, inviting a 'real' T Rex, Raptor, Triceratops, Brontosaurus or Spinosaurus Dinosaur into school will inspire children and encourage them to learn more about these magnificent beasts, and the result is they will work hard at producing creative projects for this exciting new addition into the school's syllabus!  Whether you want to bring a dinosaur into school as part of a Dinosaur Workshop Day or just to boost the children's studying, the result is bound to be the same! 


"We absolutely loved the visit; it more than exceeded our expectations. The children were thoroughly gripped and enthralled and have produced some good writing and other pieces of work following on from the morning. I thought both members of your team were excellent and went above and beyond to ensure a great morning was had. You can't come much closer to the real thing and what an amazing experience to be able to bring to the!"

– All Saints C of E School, Marple, Stockport


"We had a fantastic morning with the dinosaurs and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Rex was amazing and the Rangers were very professional throughout. The baby dinosaurs had the children in the infant’s class mesmerised! Thank you!"

—  Fiona

South Hylton Primary Academy, Sunderland

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