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Christmas isn't just about gifts, it’s also about making roar-some memories with family and friends. It’s about getting together with all the people you love and having a roar-tastic time!

Sometimes finding an activity that everyone will love can be a tyrannosaurus wreck. Luckily for you, we have the perfect day-out that is guaranteed to get even the most bah-humbug of people roaring with excitement!

Don’t get us wrong, material gifts are amazing in the moment, but their novelty quickly wears off and the items eventually become forgotten about – or dare we say – extinct, whereas experiences bring people together and create special moments that last a lifetime.

We have a Dino-mite idea! Gift a special someone tickets for JURASSIC EARTH: The Biggest & Best Live Dinosaur Show in the UK! Did Santa say ho, ho, ho or let’s get wild?

Jurassic Earth is a THRILLING 75-minute, family-friendly, FUN-TASTIC experience featuring a Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Europe's LARGEST walking T Rex and the cutest Dinosaur Babies!

Joined by a zany Professor, an eccentric Doctor and a team of Rangers our Dinosaurs bring the Jurassic Era to life in this roar-some, educational and interactive show.

Why buy your dinosaur-crazed child or ‘big kid’ - yes, even adults are still obsessed over these prehistoric creatures, a toy dinosaur for Christmas when you can give them the real thing?

Still need convincing as to why you should choose JURASSIC EARTH as your Christmas gift? Don’t just take our word for it, read what our Jurassic Earthers (otherwise known as our fans, or people who have seen the show) thought of our interactive, family-friendly, fully immersive Dinosaur live show here.

Spoiler alert! Prepare to read words such as: incredible, unique, fantastic, unearthly, otherworldly...

JURASSIC EARTH is touring the UK in 2022! You can find tour dates, times and buy tickets here:

Often imitated, never equalled – Jurassic Earth is the original and best live Dinosaur Show, coming to a Theatre near you!



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