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Hire Emily The Brontosaurus!
One of the largest creatures to ever walk our planet! 

Meet Emily Bronty, the latest addition to Jurassic Earth!

This gigantic herbivore, with her long, thin neck, reaches heights of 15ft Tall and is a huge attraction wherever she goes!

The Brontosaurus is one of the most recognised of all the Dinosaurs and extremely popular with audiences everywhere.

Brontosaurus are closely related to the Apatosaurus and the name means Thunder Lizard! And with her bulky, heavy torso and a long, whip-like tail that she uses to defend herself from predators, it’s easy to see why! She stands at 25ft long from front to back so needs a large arena or stage!


Guaranteed to draw attention and bring the biggest ‘Ooooh’s and ‘Awhhhh’s from your audience and guests... the sight of seeing our stunning prehistoric beast walking around, raising her beautiful long neck is a true wow-factor!


Giant Heart - Tiny Brain


Brontosaurus have the smallest brains of all the dinosaurs, so aren't very intelligent. Our Rangers have yet to teach Emily a trick!

However she does have the biggest heart of them all, this is used to pump blood all the way up her long neck to her tiny brain.

Emily Bronty may not be the brightest of all our Dinosaurs but she stands head and shoulders above every other dinosaur in the UK!

Hire our loveable life-size walking Brontosaurus for your next event or plan a visit to Jurassic Earth Theatre Show!

This beautiful prehistoric beast is accompanied by one of our interactive Dinosaur Rangers who love to entertain! In fact we never know who is more excited, the audience to meet our dinosaurs or our Rangers who are introducing them! 


Emily Brontosaurus is also available to hire alongside Zeus and Rex, our T Rex dinosaurs, Tank Triceratops, Richie & Rocky Raptors, Spence & Stevo Spinosaurus and our adorable baby dinosaurs, who have been delighting guests all over UK and Europe! As seen on TV!

Can anyone guess why we named her "EMILY"?



The team that arrived were absolutely wonderful! They were so energetic and so willing to get stuck in. They were extremely smiley, approachable and enthusiastic. They went over and above the brief and with regards to the props, they brought more than we expected. Overall we had an extremely pleasant experience and will definitely use them again, should we need a dinosaur to grace one of our events in the future!

—  Chloe

Base Awards London Docklands 2018

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