Hire Dreygo The Dragon!

This magnificent beast brings mythical magic to your next event!

Dreygo The Dragon has stepped outside of folklore to bring larger-than-life, interactive, walkabout entertainment that will delight children and adults of all ages. 

Our Dragon is accompanied by a Merlin-style Wizard, mischievous fairy or Medieval 'Game of Thrones' character, who will add fun and drama to Dreygo's appearance.

Hire Dreygo The Dragon and he will flap his incredible wings, breathe smoke from his nostrils and rear up and roar for his admiring audience. His wing-span is a jaw-dropping 15ft, and when he flaps his wings they reach 12ft in the air! 

With his huge bat-like wings, smoke-breathing nostrils, scaly skin, waggling tongue, horned head and barbed tail, this huge 18ft long animatronic Dragon will provide high-impact, interactive entertainment that will work brilliantly for family fun-days, festivals and themed events and parties, including:

  • Game of Thrones Themed Event

  • Harry Potter Themed Event

  • Merlin and Magic themed Event

  • Dungeons and Dragons Themed Event

  • St David's Day Celebrations

  • Medieval Folklore Events 

Also available with Spyro, the Baby Dragon! An adorable addition who is accompanied by a Wizard who will take him "Flight training" around your event! 

This exciting, animated Dragon Experience is a unique attraction that is available to hire throughout the UK, and will guarantee you Social Media attention!

You can also hire a Giant Dragon Egg for people to climb inside as a terrific Photo Opportunity for Themed Events! 


Hire a Dragon for Magical fun-filled entertainment!


“The guys were brilliant yesterday! At their best when that naughty Raptor was running all over the centre! Everyone loved him! Please can we have the same team in Basildon next week?”

—  Fiona Gilgrist

House PR Leicester

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