Hire Jurassic Themed Props and Dinosaur Props for events

Set the scene for your event!

Hire Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Props and create Photo Opportunities that people will love! Everybody wants a selfie with a dinosaur and this is a superb Social Media attraction that is guaranteed to be liked, shared and re-tweeted! 

Our giant Dinosaur Backdrop is ideal for setting the stage for meeting and greeting our dinosaurs. We can add Jurassic Themed music so people feel they are walking into Jurassic World at your venue! Attract huge crowds to your event!

Recreate scenes from Jurassic World with our "ROAR"some dinosaur props  - this is a family attraction that will create a stir! Bring the Prehistoric Cretaceous period to life in your venue! 

  • Raptor Props: Blue, Green, Orange - 5ft

  • T Rex Prop: 6ft and very realistic!

  • Stegosaurus Prop - 5ft

  • Brontosaurus Prop - 7ft

  • Allosaurus Props - 6ft

  • Dilong Paradoxus Dinosaur Prop 5ft

  • Pteranodon Ingens - 4.7ft

  • Roaring T Rex - Animated Static Prop - 7ft High x 10ft Long

  • Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Backdrop 10ft High x 12ft Wide

  • Jurassic Park Gates Entrance Prop 12ft High x 10ft Wide

  • Dinosaur Bones - 3ft

  • Dinosaur Egg Photo Booth 5ft High x 3.5ft Wide

  • Dinosaur Egg Props - approx 1ft

  • Therapod Egg Prop - approx 1ft

  • Hatching Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, T Rex & Triceratops Dinosaur babies & Egg - 1.5ft each

  • Bamboo Jungle Plants - 5ft-6ft

  • Palm Plants -5ft

  • Palm Trees - 7ft

  • Uplighting

  • Camouflage Woodland Netting

  • Hanging Ivy Decor 

  • Danger Dinosaur Warning Signs

  • Danger Dinosaur Crossing Signs

  • Danger High Voltage Dinosaur Tape

  • Portable PA System for Jurassic Themed Music

  • Marquee Awning 20ft x 13ft - to House Jurassic Props & Display


"We had a fantastic morning with the dinosaurs and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Rex was amazing and the Rangers were very professional throughout. The baby dinosaurs had the children in the infant’s class mesmerised! Thank you!"

—  Fiona

South Hylton Primary Academy, Sunderland

Jurassic Earth Theatre Show meet a baby
Raptor DOI Holly and Phil
Spinosaurus Jurassic Earth Theatre Show.
Hire a Baby Brontosaurus Dinosaur
Jurassic Earth Theatre Show Baby Blue
Jurassic Earth Theatre Show Zeus T Rex
Jurassic Earth Theatre Show Tank Tricera
Tank Triceratops Ranger Georgia Jurassic
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Hire a T Rex Dinosaur
Hire a T Rex Dinosaur
Hire a T Rex Dinosaur
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Hire a Dragon
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