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Before you ask, our Dinosaurs haven’t taken up a new hobby ice-skating, or even dancing - although, after last night’s appearance on the hit ITV Show ‘DANCING ON ICE’, we think it could be a great career change!

That’s right, our lovable Richie made his ITV debut, alongside Zeus – Europe’s largest T Rex! With teeth sharpened, claws trimmed, and scales polished, Richie and Zeus looked fierce as they stormed the set of ‘Dancing On Ice’ and co-presented last night’s show alongside Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield!

During rehearsals, Holly screamed and ran off the set when our Raptor approached her, leaving Phil in tears of laughter! Her reaction was similar during the Live Shows resulting in a steam of hilarious Twitter reactions!

The theme of this week’s episode was ‘Movie Week’ and required a performance and routine to a soundtrack from one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Of course, with Jurassic Park being one of the biggest film franchises in not only Hollywood, but the entire world, Richie and Zeus were invited on to the show to help introduce music artiste Lady Leshurr and her Jurassic inspired routine.

Whilst Ashley Banjo was critiquing their performance, our Raptor sneaked up on him, causing chaos on the judging panel!

Quite literally, it was a Dinosaur Take Over!

Whilst Holly and Ashley were initially petrified of Richie, we’re certain they both fell in love with him by the end of the show.... and it did make for some hilarious TV entertainment!

With rave reviews from Dancing on Ice viewers and Holly Willoughby herself, it’s obvious that Richie warmed the hearts of not only the cast and crew, but also the viewers at home. With his cheeky, bubbly, and dare we say mischievous personality shining throughout the entire show, we think that our lovable dinosaur was the star of the show – and we’re not the only ones!

Sharing a snippet of Richie on the show caused a thunderstorm of comments from Twitter users:

‘Forget the ice dancing, Holly freaking out at the dinosaur was the highlight of the show!’ one Twitter user said.

‘Holly and that dinosaur has made this whole series worth it,’ another Twitter user said.

‘This video really cheered me up. my daughter loved the dinosaur on dancing on ice yesterday. she wishes she could have it as a pet’ another Twitter user said.

‘I’m voting for the dinosaurs – the best part of the show!’ Said another.

‘Omg this is brilliant, I’m rolling on the floor with tears of joy It was so funny last night. Love how the dinosaur puts its head on top of @Schofe’s head!’ Debbie Hughes from Twitter said.

‘Brilliant our grandson will love it he knows all the dinosaur names he is obsessed’ another Twitter user said.

‘This is brilliant. We were laughing so much we cried’ Sarah Spencer on Twitter said.

If you want to hire Richie Raptor, Zeus T Rex, or any of our Dinosaurs for your events then give us a call on 01253 351 100.



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