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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the festivities have officially begun! Have you done all of your Christmas shopping? If you have then well done, you're sleigh' in’ it! For those mistle-slow shoppers still needing some roar-some gift ideas to give to your loved ones – we've got you covered!

Is your loved one Dinosaur obsessed? Have they watched Jurassic Park over and over again? Do they have Dinosaur posters on their wall? If the answer to all of those questions is yes then we’re certain that on their wish list is at least one or more dinosaurs – or Jurassic themed toys. Well, we say, why buy your dinosaur-crazed child or ‘big kid’ - yes, even adults are still fascinated over these prehistoric creatures, a toy dinosaur for Christmas when you can give them the real thing? Sleigh, what?

We know what you’re thinking, dinosaurs are extinct, can we really offer you a fully immersive, real-life dinosaur experience that will make your dinosaur connoisseur go wild? You bet Jurassican!

We’ve got a roar-tastic selection of Dinosaur gift ideas and packages this Christmas!

Buy your loved one tickets for Jurassic Earth Theatre Show – The UK's Biggest & Best Live Dinosaur Show!

Jurassic Earth features roaming, state-of-the-art animatronic life-like Dinosaurs in an interactive and exciting story-telling show, creating a unique, immersive experience for all audiences!

This 75-minute, family-friendly experience features Velociraptors, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, T Rex, Ranger Training and the cutest Dinosaur Babies! Joined by a zany Professor, an eccentric Doctor and a team of Rangers, our Dinosaurs bring the Jurassic Era to life in this roar-some show.

This is the original and best live dinosaur show! Many have tried to copy, but none can equal our incredible, life-like Dinosaurs and roar-some show experience! Our cast go above and beyond to make sure this is an experience that will never be forgotten! Ask Holly Willoughby, Ashley Banjo and Philip Schofield – all of whom met our Dinosaurs on ITV’s Dancing On Ice and believed they were real!

Combining entertainment with education, Jurassic Earth brings these remarkable creatures to your local theatre, thrilling not just for the children in the audience, but the adults too! Touring in 2022, you can find all tour dates and book tickets here:

Planning a party? Why not make it a Prehistoric one! Dress up like a Cave Man or Cave Woman and invite our dinosaurs along! Dinosaur themed props will help to set the scene!

Our gigantic Dinosaurs, Dinosaur bones, Dinosaur eggs, warning signs, jungle planting, backdrops, life-size Dinosaur Props, Jurassic Park Gates and even a Gyrosphere will turn your venue into a true prehistoric jungle!

It wouldn’t be a party without some entertainment, and we’ve got some roar-some interactive Dinosaur activities: A cinematic Dinosaur Dome, life-like Dinosaurs, Ranger Training, Workshops, giant Dinosaur Eggs, crazy Pre-Historic Caveman Characters, Jurassic Props and our character Dinosaur Rangers will keep your guests roaring with exciting the whole time!

Yes, you heard right, instead of Santa Claus coming to visit on Christmas Day, a Dinosaur could instead! Choose from one of our gigantic real-life Dinosaurs or a cute and cuddly baby dinosaur, and one of our highly experienced rangers will turn up at your door alongside the dinosaur of your choice and entertain your Dino-mite!

You can take as many photographs as you like, and even take our Dinosaur for a walk! We guarantee your neighbours will be confused, shocked and jealous at what they witness at your door!

Don’t be a scrooge this Christmas and gift your Dino-crazed loved one with what they really want – Dinosaurs! Give us a call on 01253 351 100 to discuss any of the above packages.


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