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Hire newly-hatched baby dinosaurs for parties and events!

These extraordinary prehistoric creatures are captivating! They are hungry for attention and not at all shy! They love to nibble fingers and take a good look around... be gentle with them, they are only baby dinosaurs and still a little fragile!

These true marvels of the Dinosaur world, hatched recently and we are pleased to say we still have a dinosaur egg intact! We can bring this with us for photo opportunities if required and children may climb inside (very gently please.... we don't want to crack the egg further!) to have their picture taken in a "real" dinosaur egg!

We are proud to introduce our newborn baby T Rex, Protoceratops, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and Raptor to join our family of Dinosaurs! These hand-held babies delight children of all ages and are an exciting addition to the Dinosaur Packages we offer for Schools, Children's parties, nurseries, fun days, festivals, shopping centres and museums.


With animatronic features that includes blinking eyes, baby roars, mouth and head movements, children believe they are witnessing the real thing. A wonderful experience for any child that will spark their imagination and encourage learning about the prehistoric cretaceous period. 

Invite a baby dinosaur to your party, tickle them under their chin - they love it! 

You can hire a super-cute baby dinosaurs to come to your school, shopping centre, birthday party, family fun day or festival, in fact any event! Choose from our baby herbivores, Trixie Triceratops and Barney Brontosaurus are gentle and inquisitive. The carnivore babies, Rex Junior and Richie Raptor are mischievous! They are all perfect for inspiring children for creative writing projects and drawing pictures! They are a great addition when hiring our larger Dinosaurs and are guaranteed to create squeals of laughter and screams of delight!


“Just a quick note to thank all at Hire Dinosaurs for the fantastic T-Rex and Dinosaur Babies performance at the Port Arcades Shopping Centre on Saturday.  From making the booking to the actual event we never failed to be impressed with the professionalism from Hire Dinosaurs.  On the Day Rex and his keeper delighted shoppers of all ages at the Centre, the crowd interaction was fantastic.  Our shoppers are already asking when Rex will be back! We wouldn't hesitate to book again or recommend Rex and Hire Dinosaurs to anyone.”

—  Ports Arcade

Ellesmere Port, Wirral

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