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How long does the Dinosaur perform for?

This depends on which Dinosaur you are hiring. Due to the size and weight of the animatronic Triceratops, the operators can only perform for 20 minutes at any one time, whereas the T Rex, Raptor and Spinosaurus costumes can perform 30 minute sets. You can book multiple sets: People choose from 1 x 20 minute set to 4 x 30 minute sets and remember that more dinosaur performances can be booked using additional Dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs and Operators! Please call us for more information. 

What will the Dinosaur do during each set?

The Dinosaur and Safari Ranger work as a team and will entertain the crowds according to the event and requirements. The Dinosaurs will meet and greet guests with a ROAR, pose for photographs and ‘selfies’, demonstrate 'tricks' they have learned and most of all create a stir and mischievous fun wherever he goes! Our Safari Ranger will do Questions & Answers for educational visits and help children learn through fun!  Our Dinosaurs have the Pied Piper effect, attracting crowds of people wherever they go.

What is the difference between your Dinosaur and other Dinosaurs I have seen on the internet?

Our Dinosaurs have been built to a bespoke specification and are the most realistic T Rex, Triceratops, Spinosaurus and Raptor Dinosaurs available to hire in the UK today. They are lifelike in colour, size and appearance. Our dinosaur operator's legs are cleverly hidden making them unique and the best dinosaurs in the UK today! 

In addition, our Dinosaur Operators are extremely skilled and our Dinosaur moves and reacts like a 'live' Dinosaur would. Without bragging too much, our dinosaurs are the most realistic and authentic looking dinosaurs in the UK! So much so, they have been chosen for numerous TV appearances, Museum events, Festivals and School visits. 

What space is required?

Our Dinosaurs range in height, length and width from 5 metres to 5.5 metres long (17ft - 18ft), 2 metres high (7ft, rising to 9ft at full stretch) and 1 metre to 1..5 metres wide (3.3ft - 5ft). Please ensure there is sufficient space for him to appear! 

How safe are the T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptor and Spinosaurus Dinosaur Costumes?

Our Dinosaur Operators are fully trained in operating the Dinosaur frames and costumes, and our Safari Rangers will guide the dinosaurs around the area and ensure they stay safe. On arrival, the operators will walk around the venue to establish safe areas for working. A cordoned off area of minimum 10m x 10m may be required for larger busy events, such as Festivals, Shopping Centres and Fun Days. A Risk Assessment will be provided on booking our Dinosaurs.

My children are only young, should I hire the Baby Dinosaurs instead?

Children of all ages adore our large Dinosaurs! We recommend hiring the baby dinosaurs as an add-on, so that children can meet our baby Triceratops, Brontosaurus and Raptor as well. Our handheld Baby Dinosaurs are simply adorable and a great introduction for smaller children who might be too shy to meet our larger Dinosaurs. 

Our venue is upstairs, can the Dinosaur still be hired?

Our Dinosaurs need a flat performance area to walk around, although normal gradients and one or two wide steps are fine. The Dinosaurs cannot walk up a full flight of stairs! Unless there is an extremely large lift, our dinosaurs can only greet your guests on Ground Floor Levels only.

How much does the Dinosaur cost to hire?

Prices vary depending on the date, location and number of sets required. Please contact us on 01253 351100 or for an individual quotation.

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