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HIRE jurassic themed events

Hire Dinosaurs, Props and Activities for Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Events!

Why hire one dinosaur when you could hire 8 Dinosaurs! 

Recreate Universal with a Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Event at your venue and have Dinosaur themed entertainment and unique Dinosaur Acts and Activities everywhere you look! 

Not only do we supply Europe's largest and most realistic animatronic dinosaurs, we are event professionals who can turn your venue into Jurassic Park! 

Options include:

Hire Dinosaurs, Rangers, Dinosaur Props and Themed activities for your venue and you are guaranteed to attract large numbers of people to your dinosaur themed event, fun day, festival, shopping centre, holiday park!


The Dino’s are officially award-winning in the racing industry!!

What a fabulous team you all are! Doncaster Racecourse won the Race Course Association Award for Best Campaign with "Dino-caster"!

I have no idea how your team keep your energy levels up – truly inspirational!

I will write the testimonial now and get it across to you – I will also recommend you to the rest of the ARC group and I have asked Sky Sports Racing for a copy of the piece!

—  Doncaster Racecourse

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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