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Set the scene for a Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Event by hiring a Giant Dinosaur Egg Prop Photo Opportunity for your event!

Create roaring good fun for everyone by having a giant dinosaur egg prop at your Shopping Centre, Museum, Festival, Precinct,
Birthday Party, Corporate Event or Family Fun Day!

This 5ft Dinosaur Egg Prop can create a terrific "photo booth" opportunity, and comes with fake-grass and straw to set the scene. This is guaranteed to cause a Social Media stir as well as bringing crowds of people to your dinosaur event and generating increased footfall!


Everybody will want to take a photo of themselves inside the Dinosaur Egg! Venues and Centres can upload photos to their website and Social Media sites, which is perfect for "Tag Yourself" Social Media campaigns. Children and adults alike love to climb inside this giant T Rex Dinosaur egg and have their photo taken roaring like a real baby dinosaur! The perfect "Photo Booth" opportunity for Dinosaur themed events!

Create a themed dinosaur area to place the giant egg and watch the queue start to form as families and children all wait to have their photos taken in this egg-siting prop-ortunity!

Hire a Giant Dinosaur egg prop as an added Egg-stra to your Dinosaur Themed activities when you hire our T Rex Dinosaur and his gorgeous newborn babies!

Check out the happy faces of the children and adults in our Dinosaur Egg carousel below! Altogether now.... say "ROOOOOARRR!"

If you want a bigger Dinosaur scene, please ask about hiring our Jurassic Dinosaur Props to dress up the Dinosaur Egg Prop even more and create a bigger Photo Opportunity!



Everyone loved the dinosaur egg! We have never been so busy and families were queuing up to have their photos taken! We uploaded over 1000 photos to our website throughout the day and visitors have been tagging themselves and sharing our photos. Highly recommend as a Social Media Marketing tool!

—  Amanda Daniels

Freeport Fleetwood Shopping Centre, Lancashire.

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