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Meet Dash, our bull-headed Carnotaurus and ride-on Dinosaur!

Dash the Carnotaurus is the fastest Therapod in Jurassic Earth! Our ride-on dinosaur is a wonderful addition to any Dinosaur Day or Jurassic Themed Event and extremely entertaining alongside our Rangers! Children are fascinated to see this Dinosaur being ridden by one of our interactive and entertaining Rangers!  


Dash is a bull-headed Carnotaurus and very hard to keep under control! He has a mind of his own and is one of the more difficult dinosaurs to train.


Whilst our Carnotaurus isn’t the most obedient of dinosaurs to ride, our Rangers do just about manage to ride him. Although he has had months of training, he often misunderstands directions! If you guide him to go right, he’ll try to turn left and if you tell him to go forward, he’ll turn around! It’s no wonder our Rangers often end up going round in circles!


This entertaining and humorous ride-on Dinosaur act comes with 2 Rangers – one to ride him, and the second to interact and engage with the audience! Expect laughs, screams and lots of joyful happy children and families!


Dash has a top-speed of approx. 25 miles per hour which makes him extremely handy for transporting our Rangers from one side of Jurassic Earth to the other.


Carnotaurus means “Meat-Eating Bull” and easily identified by the two horns just above their eyes. Palaeontologists think the horns of the Carnotaurus might have been used to fight each other, over prey or territory.


The teeth of the Carnotaurus are almost eight times smaller than the teeth of a T Rex, and its arms are much smaller too, serving no real purpose at all.


Dash the Carnotaurus – as seen in Jurassic Earth Theatre Show!


The team that arrived were absolutely wonderful! They were so energetic and so willing to get stuck in. They were extremely smiley, approachable and enthusiastic. They went over and above the brief and with regards to the props, they brought more than we expected. Overall we had an extremely pleasant experience and will definitely use them again, should we need a dinosaur to grace one of our events in the future!

—  Chloe

Base Awards London Docklands 2018

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