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HIRE roaring t-rex

Animatronic T Rex Norman ls.jpg

Meet "Noisy Norman", the animated T-Rex who can't wait to ROAR at your Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Event!

Noisy Norman is our animatronic T Rex Dinosaur and static prop. He has motion sensors so will roar into life whenever anyone passes by!


He moves his whole body, swings his tail, rears up and back down again, and animates his arms! But be very careful.... his teeth are razor sharp and he bites!

This impressive T Rex Static stands on a rock, reaching 2 metres in height and 3 metres in length. You can hire this animatronic T Rex Dinosaur on his own, or alongside additional props, including our Jurassic Dinosaur Backdrops and Jungle Plants.

With lifelike sounds and body movements, Noisy Norman will make a huge impression on your guests and is a great addition to our Jurassic Themed Props and Dinosaur Events!

Children get so excited when they meet Noisy Norman, the animated T Rex Dinosaur!



Everyone loved the dinosaur egg! We have never been so busy and families were queuing up to have their photos taken! We uploaded over 1000 photos to our website throughout the day and visitors have been tagging themselves and sharing our photos. Highly recommend as a Social Media Marketing tool!

—  Amanda Daniels

Freeport Fleetwood Shopping Centre, Lancashire.

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