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So you have an event or product to promote. Hire a dinosaur and attract potential customers in an original way! Create the buzz around your brand quickly and ‘ferociously’.

Hiring a T-rex dinosaur will draw more attention to your brand whilst also making sure our selfie and video taking nation will help your company name become even more recognisable as they post their images with the dinosaur onto social media sites..

Your team were friendly, professional and obliging, offering to adapt the performance to suit our location and maximise the impact of the show. Rex at Genesis was also a big hit for us on social media with pictures, videos and status updates referring to Genesis and Rex being uploaded continuously throughout, which then boosted our tickets sales for the evening shows and screenings in the week.If the opportunity comes round again we will definitely look to book Rex and the team again.”

Genesis Cinema - London

Store Openings

Your store is ready and waiting for customers.  Unsuspecting shoppers are whiling away the day, they may even be spending money with your competition. 


In the distance they hear an unusual sound. What is it? Where is it coming from? An almighty ROOOAR! And it's coming closer!


All heads turn towards the noise, they see an 8 foot high and 17 foot long prehistoric creature appearing in the crowds! Who wouldn’t want to know why it’s there?!


Wherever he is advertised to appear, our T Rex Dinosaur is guaranteed to attract a HUGE CROWD!


"The T-Rex was amazing never seen anything like it! The operator was really good and so was his helper, the way he interacted with the crowd, especially the children, was great. All units reported an increase in sales on the day we hired the Dinosaur as we had such an increase in footfall. We would love to book this again and highly recommend this as a publicity stunt."

- Elmsleigh Shopping Centre - May 2015


"Everything went very well, The T Rex was amazing, everyone loved it. Operators were great too everything went very smoothly.
Same goes with service, I've booked everything with Big Foot Events and they are very helpful with everything."

—  Throwback Events

Clapham, London

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