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hirE ATriceratops 

Meet Tank The Triceratops! You can hire this gentle giant to greet your guests and attract visitors!

We are proud to introduce Tank The Triceratops to our Dinosaur family! Tank is the most realistic animatronic Dinosaur in Europe and a huge attraction for dinosaur fans everywhere. 

This impressive giant of an animal is 5.5 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 2.3 metres tall, and he weighs a tonne! 


Hire a Triceratops Dinosaur if you want a real wow factor at your festival or event. This huge beast is accompanied by one of our talented, interactive Dinosaur Rangers who love to entertain! In fact we never know who is more excited, the audience to meet our dinosaurs or our Rangers who are introducing them! 


Our massive new addition is jaw-dropping to see in motion! The sheer size of this Triceratops Dinosaur is impressive in itself and our giant herbivore is winning the hearts of all who see him. He is so realistic the audience will try to feed him leaves as he approaches!

Expect lots of Ooohs and Ahhhs when you hire a triceratops for your event! He's a big fella but rest assured he wouldn't hurt a fly... unless he tramples on it by accident of course!


Tank the Triceratops is also available to hire alongside Rex, the T Rex, Richie Raptor, Spence Spinosaurus and our adorable babies, who have been delighting guests all over UK and Europe! As seen on TV!

Oh, and no prizes for guessing why we named him "TANK"!


Triceratops Text


The team that arrived were absolutely wonderful! They were so energetic and so willing to get stuck in. They were extremely smiley, approachable and enthusiastic. They went over and above the brief and with regards to the props, they brought more than we expected. Overall we had an extremely pleasant experience and will definitely use them again, should we need a dinosaur to grace one of our events in the future!

—  Chloe

Base Awards London Docklands 2018

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