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T Rex Assisted Marriage Proposal!

We’re sure most of us have seen the YouTube videos of wonderful proposals, a choir on a tube train, a big band in the street, friends and family helping the proposer to bring the message to their future spouse by miming to a well-known song. It’s all been done and it’s hard to find something new to impress your intended. Until our dinosaur gets involved.

We were contacted by a man who wanted to hire a dinosaur to make the biggest impression he could. He was keen to make sure that his girlfriend was so delighted by his proposal that she had no choice but to say 'yes'. Now was the time to get our T-rex involved.

He had planned to pop the question in their favourite restaurant, it was all arranged, we were there at the designated time. The place was full to the brim with diners, all enjoying their candlelit meals, when in walked our dinosaur. All heads turned as our keeper negotiated their way round the tables and made their way over to our client. His girlfriend’s face was a picture, she still didn’t know that this prehistoric treat was for her.

Our dinosaur Rex made his way over to them, when she realised that he was heading towards them she was amazed, our dinosaur had a box containing the ring in his front hand and stood to one side as our client dropped to one knee and asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage, she was thrilled and happily accepted, she took the box containing her engagement ring and to cheers of congratulations from the other diners she placed it on the fourth finger of her left hand.



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