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Horns or Teeth?

Do you prefer your Dinosaurs to have HORNS or TEETH?

Who has the strongest attack? Who is the best defender? What is your favourite Dinosaur’s secret weapon?

Children want to know EVERYTHING about dinosaurs these days, they are fascinated by these prehistoric beasts and hungry for knowledge!

You can hire a horned Triceratops with his beautiful head crest, a sharp teethed Raptor or Tyrannosaurus Rex, a gentle Brontosaurus baby with a long neck; whichever you choose, he will come with a funny and informative Safari Ranger who will bring our animatronic dinosaurs to life in front of your eyes!

Secret Weapons and Special Features:

Hire Tank, the Triceratops or Trixie our baby Triceratops. They have 3 horns and a beautiful head crest ‘Shield’ to defend them against their enemies, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Triceratops are Herbivores and only eat vegetation, plants and leaves. We also have the cutest hatching Triceratops prop if you want a Jurassic display.

Hire Richie, the Raptor, or Rory, our baby Raptor. They are both Carnivores and extremely speedy in their movements with a keen eyesight and long fingered claws for hunting down prey. Their screeching sounds can be quite intimidating! Not as approachable as our Triceratops and T Rex Dinosaurs but don’t let that put you off; they are well-trained by our Safari Rangers who have spent hours working with these intelligent creatures.

Hire Barnabus, our baby Brontosaurus, a gentle Herbivore with a long neck! Another name for a Brontosaurus is Apatosaurus. They lived around 150 million years ago and averaged around 75ft in height! Thankfully, you can hire our baby Brontosaurus and he won’t take up as much room! We also have a hatching Brachiosaurus prop for displays!

Hire Rex, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of our most popular dinosaurs! Rex is a meat-eating Carnivore and a fierce hunter! He is known as the King of the Dinosaurs and was roamed the earth 65 million years ago! Of course, our T Rex is now roaming the earth again but thankfully he has adapted to the 20th Century and eats his favourite foods are Chicken Nuggets and naughty grown-ups! We also have Rex Jnr, a hand-held baby, as well as a hatching T Rex prop to hire.



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