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Rex the T-Rex Kids Party Takeover!

One of our lovely clients contacted our Hire Dinosaurs team and asked if we could get Rex – our ginormous friendly T-Rex to travel to Epping and make a surprise appearance at a kid’s party! Obviously, Rex the party animal said yes!

The party took place on Saturday the 8th August in Epping and his appearance was to be no more than 30 minutes. No matter for us as Rex only needs 5 minutes to completely captivate an audience! The client also wanted Jurassic Park Gates, Themed Music and Dinosaur Props to complete the theme. Of course, due to the current pandemic, it was important that our giant, state-of-the-art, interactive T-Rex didn’t completely invade the scene so he kept a safe distance from guests and made sure his deafening roar was heard for miles – he definitely loves to make himself known!

The Challenges we faced included:

The main challenge we had when attending this children’s party is maintaining the Social Distancing guidelines. Our T-Rex can cause quite a stir and children often tend to get overly excited – all for good reason! So, it was crucial we made sure Rex put on a great show for our clients all whilst keeping a safe distance. We have travelled all over Europe with our Dinosaurs and had them perform in the unlikeliest of places so we knew that this challenge could be easily overcome with correct planning and execution - luckily, we are great at that!

The Solutions included:

In order to overcome any safety issues and abide by the current ‘social distancing’ law, we made sure we received correct information regarding the party details from the client. It was important to know how many people would be attending and where the location was going to be. This was so that we were able to plan the performance around our client’s needs. As you can image, Rex is huge – he is a dinosaur after all! Which means the location of the party had to be big enough to fit our humongous, animatronic, scarily realistic T-Rex. We made sure to research the area and determine the dimensions so that our dinosaur, Jurassic Park Gates and props were able to fit comfortably and the set-up went without a hitch.

We made sure that our T-Rex and his handler maintained a safe distance from the party attendees and never physically interacted with anyone. Not that they needed to, this friendly, yet fierce, dinosaur captured attention just by his sharp features alone!

The end results:

Rex the T-Rex definitely made his signature entrance! Gasps and shocked faces could be seen and heard before he even fully entered the location. The thing about Rex is, thanks to his ferocious roar, he can be heard well before he is seen! It was magical to see the children’s faces light up in delight, amazement, and pure shock – and even more delightful to see some adult’s faces filled with shock, and dare we say - terror! Don’t worry, he may look like a beast but he’s a softie at heart, and this was proven when the initial shock factor wore off and left the adults in awe as their children couldn’t get enough of admiring this grey, scaley, sharp-mouthed Dinosaur! A 30-minute performance was all Rex needed to make this children’s party the best party they’ve been too!

Clients Testimonial:

‘The guys were wonderful and very helpful and polite as they were last time they came as well. Rex went down a treat and even the adult guests were terrified of him! I really felt the guys worked super hard, and even though it was just half an hour, it was first class entertainment. He was very entertaining for both adults and children. We are so pleased we booked you! The props looked great as well. I am going through the professional photos now - I’ll send as much as I can when all organised.

Thank you so much again Lauren and the Hire Dinosaur team. Can we just say that letting us have the music made all the difference to the experience as well.’



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