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The Raptor is coming!

With their speed, agility, strong eyesight and claws, Raptors are recognised as intelligent hunters and fearsome predators! Raptors are also known for ‘working together’ so we really hope this will apply to them getting along with our T Rex Dinosaurs too!

We’re proud of our Dinosaur family; our T Rex troupe have become incredibly socialised and are popular guests at parties. They love nothing more than frolicking, roaring, showing off and interacting with families at Holiday Parks, Shopping Centres, Festivals and Parties!

Our T Rex Dinosaurs are now recognised celebrities, having appeared on television so many times they have become accustomed to the make-up room and know their way around the studios and how best to pose under the close scrutiny of TV cameras!

However, they are all a little bit apprehensive about our new Dinosaur; Rory Raptor! You can now hire a Raptor from Hire Dinosaurs, and this carnivorous creature is giving our T Rex dinosaurs a run for their chicken nuggets!

Our animatronic Raptor Dinosaur is available to hire for all events, shopping centres, schools, festivals, theatres, museums and themed parties.

Of course, if you want to hire a more gentle dinosaur experience, our adorable baby dinosaurs will delight every age group; you can hire our herbivores: the Triceratops and Brontosaurus, and you can also hire our carnivore babies: T Rex Junior and baby raptor.

Don’t worry, we make sure they are fully fed before they come to visit you!

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