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The Jurassic Influence

There’s going to be no getting away from it, dinosaurs are going to be massive this year! The launch of the Jurassic World movie is going to hail a renewed interest in all things dinosaur.

In anticipation of the film, due to be launched next week, there is also a brand new theme park opening around the same time. Dinosaurs will be everywhere! We all know how good Hollywood is at its promotion so you can guarantee that 2015 will be the year of the T Rex.

The furor that will be generated for the movie and the park will keep the buzz around our pre-historic friends for a long time, it’s a wise company that captures the current trends to promote themselves and we have been busy with enquiries from all over the country from a lot of different organisations and companies. Our friendly T Rex is in demand and when you see him in action you’ll understand why. He’s a beast – literally. He’s 3ft wide, 8 feet tall and 16ft long from nose to fully working tail, he has the scariest and loudest roar you can imagine. His keeper dresses in a safari outfit and creates the impression of keeping the wild beast in check and he generates a thrill when he walks in the room. Our puppeteer is exceptionally talented and really knows how to get a crowd going. He’s like the dinosaur equivalent of the pied piper, wherever he goes, kids and adults alike usually follow.

We recently had him working at an exhibition and conference centre, the company that hired him wanted to stand out from their competition and they managed to achieve their aim. Once word got round that our dinosaur was in the building there was a huge clamor of business suited delegates wanting to have their photographs taken with Mr Rex. It was great fun to watch them interact with our dinosaur, and of course, while they were waiting for their turn they were also positioned right next to our clients’ stand. This photo opportunity created a great deal of chances for our client’s logo to be seen as delegates posted their images onto social media sites. It turned out to be a perfect piece of product promotion and brand awareness and we have a feeling that the corporations that use our dinosaur hire service will be creating a great deal of attention for a long time to come.

Store openings, exhibitions, conferences, children’s parties, festivals and student events are all going crazy for our dinosaur, and why wouldn’t they? There’s never been a better time to say hello to a dinosaur, and we’re sure that including T Rex at any occasion will be a novel way to pull in the crowds from far and wide.

If you want to check availability or need advice from our helpful team at the office call us on 01253 351100 or email us; we’ll be more than happy to help.



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