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T Rex Makes an Impact on a Store Opening!

We work very closely with a lot of companies for their promotion and PR. Our T-rex is a huge attraction – the emphasis being on the word huge!

We were helping a very popular, and well known bakery, promote the opening of a new store in a West Yorkshire town. It was late Saturday morning and the streets were full of shoppers and browsers, it was the perfect time for our T-rex to make an appearance.

We had planned to create a big impression on the crowds, just before they started to think about where they were going to have lunch.

Always keen to make sure he’s the centre of attention, our dinosaur began his day with an almighty roar. As he made his way through the high street, he used his tail to full effect. He flirted with the ladies with his big blinking eyes and fascinated the children, it stopped them nagging to go home anyway! Most heads were turned his way, and the ones that weren’t soon realised there was something going on when they heard the laughs and screams of delight.

Our dinosaur keeper kept T-rex in check, and the promotional people we were using for the day handed out leaflets to the stunned onlookers.

He’s a playful kind of guy is Rex, people were keen to come close to him to have their photographs taken, selfies and group shots were soon loaded onto social media sites, a great opportunity to spread the word even further, that a new place to get a sandwich and a cake, was opening in town.

Our client reported the best opening day figures ever! And we have plans to help them promote the opening of even more stores in the near future.

It’s amazing what a difference hiring a dinosaur can make. Our creative team are on hand to advise you on how to get the best from T Rex, with creative ideas and an understanding of how you need to promote your business, we are the best in the business. Call us now for a quote and to discuss your ideas.



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