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T Rex Dinosaur Meets Stars at the Royal Albert Hall

It’s fairly safe to say that when it comes to the world of entertainment, the Big Foot Events team has been around the block a couple of times. We are so used to dealing with our star name and celebrity acts that sometimes we forget how excited we were the first few times we met the likes of Heather Small and East 17.  The day  Emily, the newest member of the BFE live entertainment expert team picked up a call from Bupsi Brown former X Factor contestant, she nearly fainted with delight, Vicky thought it was hilarious!

However, the biggest, and most ferocious member of the team was beside himself with joy when we received an enquiry from the Royal Albert Hall, looking to hire our dinosaur

The Royal Albert Hall, wow, that’s some iconic building right there,  obviously it’s not as old as Mr Rex, but it has a rich history with of some of the world’s finest performers appearing there since it was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. (Hey we’re not just pretty faces you know, we watch the history channel too.)

He was booked to appear at the world premiere screening of Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning Jurassic Park with a live orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra no less!

Needless to say it took some effort to calm our dinosaur down, and to keep him together in the run up to his appearance. As it got closer to the date of the gig he got even giddier. If you’ve never been in the presence of a giddy dinosaur it’ll will be hard to grasp just how hard it actually is to keep him contained.  His huge dinosaur tail swishes all over the place, he has no control over it at all, and as he hops from foot to foot, the ground around him tremors, he’s a big lad you know.

We’ve never seen him take as long to get ready for a gig as he did this one, his toenails were clipped, his skin buffed up to a high shine and his teeth were brushed until they sparkled. He made sure he was keeping his voice in shape by regular roars of la la la.  (They were so noisy that our next door neighbour popped her head over the fence to complain. Just for a change.)

It was all worth it in the end though, Mr Rex was in fine form when he got to meet some top quality stars. He rubbed shoulders with Stephen Merchant – in fairness it takes someone as tall as Stephen to even reach that high up Rex’s body, he was delighted to catch up with Miranda Hart, and left breathless by a photo opportunity with Myleene Klass; Mrs Rex was a little bit jealous of how much he kept talking about that.

Even though the venue was at full capacity the management organised to get an extra wide seat at the back for T-Rex and he spent a couple of hours being thoroughly entertained by some cracking live music and booing every time a dinosaur copped it! His teeth weren’t looking too great after the half hundred weight of popcorn he ate mind you, it was a good job he’d done his bit before then.

Our T-Rex dinosaur for hire was a very happy boy when he finally got back in the van  his way home. He’s even happier now he’s made the Royal Albert Hall, hall of fame and his photos are all over their website.

Our pre-historic creature is fabulous entertainment and a unique addition to many occasions.  It makes no difference to him if he appears in the daily newspapers or on a school photograph, he makes as much of a fuss over children at a party as he does the celebrities at a grand opening

No matter what your event Mr Rex will be there in all his glory, adding his undeniable presence, all you have to do it pick up the phone and call us on 01253 351100.



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