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School Time for Mr T Rex

When we brought our T Rex for hire into our lives we expected that he would be popular with many places and events. We knew that he would be busy visiting birthday parties and carnivals. We planned for him to work at exhibitions and corporate events and we were excited by the promise of him attending store openings and promotions. The thought of seeing him work the crowd at music festivals filled us with joy and there was no shortage of volunteers to be his keeper on days when live music, hot dogs and face painting was part of the deal. We had an idea that family fun days and fetes would be a massive hit with our dinosaur for hire, what has taken us by surprise is how busy he is going to school!

Most of the schools he’s attended have hired our dinosaur to compliment the children’s studies into prehistoric times and learning about what the world was like back in the days when our T Rex had lots of playmates to choose from. It’s a fascinating subject for most children, but when a real life-size baby dinosaur comes into the classroom or assembly, in all his roaring and tail swishing glory, it captivates the pupils, and to be honest the teachers too.

We work very closely with the organisers of these events and our puppeteer makes an incredible effort to know exactly what is required of him. He will make the children feel special and thrilled and has been known to pretend to eat the head of the Head, if that is what his instructions are. It’s been a while since any of us in the office attended school, but we can all name a teacher who we would like to see being eaten by a dinosaur, just for the fun of it.

The thing Rex loves about working in schools is the attention he gets, the delight he sees from the children, the fact that he’s encouraging them to study their subject hard, and best of all, he likes the fact that when he’s done his job well and whipped everyone up into an excited frenzy, he can leave. Give the dinosaur a break, he’s an old man you know, he needs a lie down after too much excitement.

Although our T Rex for hire looks fierce and a scary, in real life he’s a bit of a softy and will go gently on any shy children, encouraging them to join in the fun.

One thing we can guarantee is he will leave the children inspired and raring to start their Jurassic Dinosaur and Prehistoric Creative Writing Projects! Rex has been a huge inspiration for all Creative Writing and Art classes.

T Rex and the staff at the office are delighted to be able to help with enquiries from schools nationwide. For advice and availability call us on 01253 351100.



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