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Rex On The Beach

It was the BEST fun ever!

The sight of our life size baby T-Rex having a play by the sea literally stopped traffic. The promenade was busy and every person that saw him looked on in amazement as he treated the popular North West seaside resort to a personal appearance!

We even managed to put a halt to a couple of joggers and one particular German Shepherd dog that was out for his daily walk couldn’t decide whether to run away or have a go at trying to fight the dinosaur in front of him, it was so funny to watch!

Onlookers were delighted with him and stopped to take photos and video footage of this 15 foot long dinosaur. Well let’s get it right it’s not something you expect to see every day is it?

We have hired our dinosaur out to many companies who have had an event, a product launch or store opening they’ve wanted to promote.

We’ve helped a wide range of businesses create a stir, stop traffic and have their images posted all over social media. We know for a fact that our animatronic T Rex creates a real buzz everywhere he goes, we have helped several corporate clients with the promotion of new products.

We had one particular company who was opening a new bar and wanted to create a massive awareness campaign, with the help of our attention seeking dinosaur they did just that! On the day of the venue opening we took T Rex out into the town centre, he had agreed to let us attach the logo of the bar to his huge T Rex sides and his handler wore a promotional T shirt. Once he began to make his presence felt – this is a not hard job when you’re 15 feet long and over 7 foot tall – people came from all over the area to have their photograph taken with him. The more photos were and uploaded onto the internet, the more people came. Our dinosaur for hire was one very busy boy and an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook star for days on end!

The company we were working with claimed they had a record breaking opening event, they were delighted and T Rex was exhausted, he needed his sleep that night and trust us when we tell you that you’ve never heard a snore until you’ve heard a dinosaur snore!

We are happy to help advise you on any aspect of our T Rex dinosaur hire service, for further information and bookings please call us now.

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