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Rex Has Been Travelling the UK

We received a fabulous Testimonial last week from Maker Faire 2015 who held their science and sci-fi convention at the Centre For Life in Newcastle in April. They hired our T Rex Dinosaur for 2 days during the event and we caused a considerable stir!

Rex set off into Newcastle City Centre and drew HUGE crowds from all over within minutes! Everyone wanted their photos taken with our Dinosaur and Rex became the pied-piper leading people back to the centre!

By the time Rex was ready to make his third appearance there was a queue of children waiting for his arrival! Some were a little apprehensive (our dinosaur is so realistic!) and others snapped up the photo opportunity!

Rex's keeper was asked so many times, "Is he real?"!

The following Bank Holiday weekend, Rex visited his ancestors at the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough during the Tour De Yorkshire. Crowds of people were stood awaiting the cycling teams and were stunned by the appearance of a 'real live' dinosaur! Children were grabbing their parents hands and literally dragging them towards the museum so they could go and visit Rex in person! You can guarantee that wherever Rex goes, the crowds are sure to follow!

We recently had him working at an exhibition and conference centre in Manchester, the company that hired him wanted to stand out from their competition and they managed to achieve their aim. Once word got round that our dinosaur was in the building there was a huge clamor of business suited delegates wanting to have their photographs taken with Mr Rex. It was great fun to watch them interact with our dinosaur, and of course, while they were waiting for their turn they were also positioned right next to our clients’ stand. This photo opportunity created a great deal of chances for our client’s logo to be seen as delegates posted their images onto social media sites. It turned out to be a perfect piece of product promotion and brand awareness and we have a feeling that the corporations that use our dinosaur hire service will be creating a great deal of attention for a long time to come.



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