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Q&A inspired by T Rex Dinosaur visit to school (How to wake up children in a classroom!)

Imagine a classroom excited and animated, eager to draw, write, create and study a new topic! Teachers and Heads throughout the UK have been delighted with the enthusiasm of their children following a visit by our Dinosaurs and Rangers. Children have creating collages, models, writing projects, IT and creative writing, with work extending for weeks following!

Our Dinosaurs have turned up in classrooms and playgrounds at primary and junior schools up and down the country; inspiring children of all ages learn about these magnificent Prehistoric beasts as part of their curriculum and term topics.

Wherever we travel, children, parents and teachers are in awe at the sheer size and realism of our Dinosaurs, and the reactions from the children, as these prehistoric creatures are brought to life before them, is visceral!

Dinosaurs ruled the world during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods millions of years ago and became extinct around 65 million years ago. Thanks to fossils, archaeologists and palaeontologists we have been able to build our knowledge so we can bring history to life with our incredible life-size animatronic Dinosaurs!

Our huge, walking and roaring T Rex, Raptor and Triceratops will astound children and spark their imaginations like never before! Our hand-held baby dinosaur (choose from a brontosaurus, triceratops, T rex and raptor) will cause pupils’ eyes to dilate with emotion, as they blink and move like a real, live baby would! Our Rangers will make sure every child has a hands-on experience they will never forget!

One thing we’re extremely proud of, other than our growing Jurassic family of course, is the work completed by the children following our visits. We have been sent scrapbooks, project files, creative writing, drawings and IT, all designed, handwritten and created by the imaginations of the children who have witnessed our Dinosaurs in action. It is truly inspirational.

Recently we received a Scrapbook from St John The Baptist RCP in Padiham and the children had collated all their handwritten Questions following our T Rex Dinosaur visit, alongside illustrations cleverly designed on computer. I would like to answer some of these questions here:

  • Rex’s chicken nuggets are homemade by Ranger Mike and he drinks water and goat’s milk…. He also tries to drink Ranger Mike’s cups of tea when he’s not looking!

  • Our Dinosaurs are bathed outdoors using a hose-pipe and shampoo. They don’t always like it.

  • Rex has 3 big brothers who are both much bigger than him, plus he lives with Tank Triceratops who is considerably larger and heavier than all our other dinosaurs!

  • Nobody has managed to count all of Rex’s teeth I’m afraid – he gets a bit snappy if you go too close! Ranger Mike tries to clean his teeth with a broom.

  • Rex is currently 2 years old and very playful, we expect him to live for another 30 years and grow much larger!

  • Our Dinosaurs don’t watch television, they are very inquisitive creatures and prefer to be interacting with crowds of people and causing mischief!

  • Our T Rex has played football a few times, he’s great at kicking the ball but a rubbish scorer!

  • We currently have 10 baby dinosaurs: 3 x Brontosaurus, 2 x Triceratops, 2 x Raptors, 2 Minmis and a baby T Rex. They would love to come and visit your classroom with Rex!

Rex was very happy everyone did such a lot of work following his visit to the school and he would love to come back and visit you all soon! Keep writing, drawing and roaring!

Our T Rex, Raptor, Triceratops and Brontosaurus have roared at schools in Milton Keynes, London, Surrey, Kent, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stockton, Worcester, Hungerford, Winchester, Dublin, Ellesmere Port, Fife, Glasgow….. and pretty much everywhere in between!



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