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Freddie's 4th Birthday Party

What a pleasure it was to attend Freddie's 4th Birthday Party yesterday! His parent's had organised an incredible feast of Dinosaur themed goodies, incuding a watermelon cut out into a ferocious beast!

Freddie is a huge dinosaur fan and just crazy about T Rex! When Rex appeared with his head over the gate, roaring loudly for all to hear and see... the squeals from the children hit some high decibels!

We gave Freddie the rope to hold and he led Rex into the garden to introduce to all his friends; "Don't worry," he told them, "Rex won't hurt you!". Rex, the dinosaur, was playful with the children, he chased a few, he made them scream with delight. Before long, he had all the children trying to grab his tail, pat his nose and touch his scaly dinosaur skin!

Rex even did a Dinosaur dance for the Birthday Boy and kicked a football!

Freddie told his parents, "This is the best day of my life!"

For Jurassic and Dinosaur Birthday Parties, invite a real dinosaur and make it a party that no one will forget!



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