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Even Dinosaurs Love Christmas

While looking forward to a nice break and planning his Jurassic Christmas dinner, Rex, our ferociously-friendly T Rex Dinosaur, has been looking back on the events of this year!

Rex has been involved in some fantastic events; he visited his ancestors at museums across the UK, including London’s Natural History Museum, and was given the approval of palaeontology experts at Cheltenham Science Festival.

Rex had a great time dressing up and dancing to the Gypsy Kings at Henley Festival and was proud to share poster space with David Walliams & Sir Quentin Blake for Hastings’ Storytelling Festival. And he’s still bragging about meeting celebrity chef Jamie Oliver at Jimmy’s Farm!

Our incredible animatronic dinosaur also had fun helping cinemas promote Jurassic World, meeting dinosaur fans as they waited to watch the new blockbuster and snacking on as much popcorn as he could get his little hands on!

Rex has also enjoyed surprising children in Primary Schools across the country, inspiring creative writing and sparking their imagination! Dinosaurs are high on the curriculum and kids love the opportunity to get hands on with a real T Rex!

The reactions to meeting Rex have ranged from sheer delight to screams and bemused looks, from children, adults and dogs! He has loved spotting himself in the selfies of passers-by and posing for pictures with those brave enough to approach.

Our wonderful T Rex Dinosaur is now looking forward to whatever 2016 has in store for him - after he’s recovered from the Christmas party season of course!



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