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Dinosaur Summer Activity - ROOOAR!

Our T Rex Dinosaur has never been more popular! We’ve been all over the UK appearing at Shopping Centres, Festivals, University Balls, Children’s Parties, Holiday Centres and Museums. With the combined release of Jurassic World and the recent dinosaur fossil discoveries, we’ve been inundated with enquiries! We even have a Celebrity fans in Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty!

This weekend, ‘Rex’ our baby T Rex Dinosaur, is in Scarborough at the Yorkshire Fossil Festival for 2 days, and on Monday he’s at Huddersfield University to welcome the new Freshers with a ROOOOAR! We’ve also been invited to do some filming in Germany for a feature film!

Our fabulous animatronic Dinosaur is the most realistic and authentic looking T Rex in the UK today, and as he has the advantage of ‘hidden operator legs’ this gives him the edge over any other Dinosaur at the moment.

Children and adults alike just adore ‘Rex’. The impact he has when he arrives on the scene is incredible. Children screaming with excitement, running away from him and towards him! They love his ‘Roar’ and they all want to stroke him and walk him on his rope-lead. He is a huge attraction wherever he goes!

When we go to shopping centres, we take him up and down the escalators and the shoppers go wild! Quite a surreal experience seeing a Dinosaur in such a modern setting! He was even arrested by the police at one of them recently!

To see hundreds of photos, and videos too check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter too! @LivingDino

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