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Child's Play With a Dinosaur Party

There’s some fierce competition around when it comes to giving your offspring the party to be talked about for months after.

We were contracted by the grandparents of a dinosaur crazy 8 year old boy. His parents had arranged a cake in the shape of a cute green thing with a smile on its face and a happy birthday message. They had been to a famous (r Us) toy store to get him as many things dinosaur related as they could, there was a bouncy castle and a magician all arranged. Granny wanted to go the extra mile though, and started to search for the ultimate party guest.

When she came across our T rex, she rang us immediately. Now Rex is a busy guy, but we managed to sort out something for her. We parked the van around the corner out of site of the party venue and our puppeteer and his keeper quickly got into their stuff. A quick text to Granny to tell her we were on our way, and as we approached the house in all our 7 foot tall, 15 foot long, glory, the birthday boy was stood at the window. As the dinosaur wandered up the drive with his tail swishing and his head swinging from side to side, he was literally jumping up and down in delight. The dinosaur keeper took him all the way to the front of the house and Rex pushed his face to the window and let out an almighty “Happy Birthday” roar.

There were 40 children at the party and our T Rex greeted every one of them personally, he played musical statues and helped the magician with a couple of his tricks.

Even the parents of those attending were delighted by his antics and for some strange reason a lot of them stayed the whole afternoon.

As each one of them left, they were scratching their heads, wondering how on earth they were going to beat that birthday event!

We are happy to help you with any celebration you might have, we love our dinosaur and his keeper and we like to keep them both busy. Call us now for a competitive quote and ideas on how we can delight your guests, both young and old.



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