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10,000 People - A Jurassic Take Over

Last week saw our excited Dinosaur Herd hit the road and head up to Perth, Scotland, ready for their magnificent Riverside Light Nights event.

Guests were lead through a Jurassic adventure, taking tips from Dinosaur Rangers, experiencing Jurassic Jungles and being chased by over-excited giant dinosaurs!

Safety First! The first challenge was to learn some crucial Ranger skills before coming face to face with the Dinosaurs further down the trail. Could you pass the test and become an honorary Ranger, or would you end up being a Dino Snack?

Meet The Babies Our newborn babies may not be as big their older brothers and sisters, but they still demanded just as much attention! Cheeky and adorable, they gave the guests their first Dino Encounter in our Jurassic themed Photo Area filled with props and decor.

Spence The Spinosaurus & Rex On his very first outing, Spence showed the people of Perth what a real carnivorous hunter is like. He even came face to face with our expert performer Rex. Hungry and curious, this was the time to hope they hadn't sniffed out the food stalls further along the path!

Tank The Triceratops & Richie The Raptor One is a gentle plant eating giant and the other is wild & mischievous meat lover, but they have become the most unlikely of friends! As Tank roamed regally, taking in the surroundings, Richie ran riot and even scared a few naughty adults.

Science & Silliness It wouldn't be a real journey back in time without some chaos, and if the dinosaurs didn't provide enough, the Comedy Cave Men in their motorised Cave Car certainly did! We also provided the opportunity to step inside a 360 degree immersive Dinosaur Dome and learn a little more about where our Dinosaurs originally came from.

The Rangers, Dinos & Cave Men all returned home tired but thrilled about being part of such a fantastic event!

We provide fully bespoke Dinosaur Days and Events just like this, using your choice of Dinosaurs, Activities, Props, Effects and Entertainment.

Contact us to create your own Jurassic Experience!

"Because everyone deserves to meet a REAL Dinosaur at least once in their life!"


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