JURASSIC perth - the dinosaurs are back!

Thursday 30th & Friday January 2020


The Dinosaurs Are Back In Perth Scotland by Popular Demand!

Our 2 Day Dinosaur Event on Thursday 30th & Friday 31st January 2020 runs from 5pm-9pm at The Norie-Miller Park as part of the City of Perth Riverside Light Nights event.


An unmissable opportunity to walk with a Triceratops, roar with T-Rex, scream with a Spinosaurus and run with a Raptor!


Our interactive, family-friendly event features EIGHT life-like Dinosaurs, special effects, giant dinosaur eggs, a cinematic Dinosaur Dome experience, crazy characters, Ranger Training Camp, prehistoric props and an opportunity to get up-close and personal with the most magnificent beasts to ever roam our planet!


Please note, it will take approx. 1 to 2 hours to see all the dinosaurs and experience this incredible Jurassic walkabout event. There will be multiple dinosaur appearances throughout the evening, so you can arrive any time you choose, up to 7.30pm, and you won't miss a thing!


An absolute MUST for Dinosaur fanatics of all ages!


Our Prehistoric line-up includes:

ZEUS - The King of the Dinosaurs! Europes largest walking T Rex Dinosaur makes his first ever appearance in Perth! At 22ft long and reaching 12ft high, experience standing in front of a life-size T Rex!

ROAMING RAPTOR Watch out.. we cant guarantee naughty Ritchie Raptor will behave!

SPINOSAURUS  Prepare yourself to meet Spence, the wildest of all our Dinosaurs!

TANK the TRICERATOPS The gentlest Giant get face to face with our humorous Herbivore!

Meet our cute baby Dinosaurs

Ranger Training  Have you got what it takes to be a Ranger?

Meet Cory our Interactive Talking Dinosaur! He loves surprising passing humans by commenting on their appearance and talking directly to them. Before long, Cory will have the humans copying HIM! Children are fascinated by Cory and love to ask him questions!

Climb inside our Dinosaur Dome for an immersive 360 Cinematic Experience.

Photo opportunities with Jurassic Props, backdrops and Giant 'Climb inside' Dinosaur Eggs!


This is a truly ROAR-SOME Dinosaur experience the whole family can enjoy!


This is our 3rd year working with Hire Dinosaurs for our Dinosaur Themed Weekend and we are looking forward to working with them again in 2020!  The Dinosaurs look fantastic and are of a very high quality. The way they come to life captures the attention of both children and adults! The Rangers always stay in character and are great at talking to the crowds. The Jurassic Themed Activities they offer are just incredible.

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